MSSA  AgriBusiness Study


MSSA is to conduct its next survey of one of the country's most important sectors, namely agriculture sector, Participants pay by question/ computer field (a minimum of 10 computer fields are required). Participants receive information via a MSSA technical report, with cross tabulated data from the questions together with other demographic data namely size (number of staff) and region. The results are based on interviews with 300 financial managers/managers across different agricultural sectors. For more information, click here.

MSSA Consumer Study: Why buy?

A syndicated panel survey is to be undertaken every second month. It looks at consumer behaviour and product usage and any other information clients need from households. By submitting your own questions you design your own research. At least 5 questions is needed to participate, in this syndicated study. Click here for more information.

MSSA SMME Syndicated Study

This study is based on a sound sample framework due to extensive research in this market by MSSA. Do not miss this opportunity. Formulate your own questions to be submitted to MSSA for participating purposes. Study details of this annual study are available here.

MSSA Commercial Farmer Syndicated Study

This landmark study, into commercial farmers, is  undertaken this year again. The study provides  the opportunity, to determine market share and related market drivers of participants and their products and services, amongst commercial farmers. This study is one of the most cost effective research studies amongst producers. Contact MSSA as soon as possible to secure your participation in the study. Study details are available here.


MSSA Broker study

A syndicated study conducted every second year. Study details are available here.

MSSA Ad hoc research

Contact Schalk van Vuuren for a quotation at 012 346 0718 .

MSSA StatsAssist

StatsAssist provides a wide range of high quality research and statistical services to clients. StatsAssist allows you to access our expertise on a subscription basis. More information available here.


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