One of MSSA's core advantages is that its data analysis is conducted with the latest research technology, based on SPSS (statistical software). It includes elementary cross tabulations and advanced statistical techniques such as Conjoint Analysis, Multivariate Regression Analysis, Structural Equation Modelling, Logistic regression and more.

We alo apply qualitative techniques to provide you insight in your marketing planning.

To make use of our experience and knowledge we have a subscription service to facilitate our service namely: MSSA StatsAssist.

Latest release of MSSA Research for SMEs

StatsAssist provides a wide range of high quality research and statistical services to clients. StatsAssist allows you to access our expertise on a subscription basis.

In MSSA's syndicated studies, participants formulate their questions which are to be included in the research, with the assistance of MSSA. Specific information regarding answers to questions is made available to participants only. General information like demographics is made available to all participants. The studies are:

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