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Good day. The South African Veterinary Council (SAVC) recently commissioned MSSA to conduct a stakeholder research study to investigate the need for and of Veterinary and Para-veterinary services in South Africa. The SAVC provided your name as a registered veterinarian. It is of great significance that you provide your opinion and identify your needs for the future of your profession. It will cover your daily challenges, past and future training related issues, and continued growth for the future of your profession. Your answers will remain strictly confidential, and under no circumstances will your personal answers be revealed to any organisation and/or person. The collective answers will be analysed and shared with the SAVC and the Health and Welfare Sector Education and Training Authority (HWSETA) who is funding the research.

  Q1a: Which of the following veterinary professional categories are you part of? Please tick the applicable code.
  Compulsory Veterinary Community Service
  Practicing abroad
  Veterinary Specialist
  If you answered “other” please describe your work related position below
  Q1b Where did you complete your veterinary training?
  University of Pretoria (UP)
  Other (E.g. Abroad, name of institution and country and/ or passed the SAVC’s registration examination):
  Q1c: What is your highest qualification (single answer)?
  Diploma Veterinary Medicine (DVM)
  Post graduate diploma
  BVSc (Hons)
  If other, mention the qualifications (and institution) below
  Q1d: (i) How many years have you been working as a veterinary professional? (ii) How old are you in years?
(i) Years working(ii) Age in years
  Q2a: Thinking back on your career, what made you choose your profession?
  Q2b: What is your gender?
  Q2c: Please confirm your personal details
  Name and surname:
  Cell number:
  Work district/area:
  Q2d: In which province do you work predominantly?
  Please specify country, if you work abroad, or if you work in an African country on a permanent basis
  Q2e: Which language is your home language?
  If you answered “other” please specify which language
  Q2f: Do you work mostly in urban or rural areas?
  Q3a1: Please indicate to what extent you agree with the following personal statements: There is great value in the service I provide(d) in the veterinary service market
  Q3a2 Extent of agreement: My service is in demand
  Q3a3 Extent of agreement: I provide a professional service
  Q3a4: Extent of agreement: I receive regular information about the latest developments in my profession
  Q3a5: Extent of agreement: Most of my work is of a preventative nature
  Q3a6: Extent of agreement: Where I work, there is a shortage of veterinary professionals
  Q3a7: Extent of agreement: My professional association (not SAVC) is effective
  Q3a8: Extent of agreement: I need further development and training in my profession
  Q3a9: Extent of agreement: I am positive about the future of my profession in South Africa
  Q3a10: Extent of agreement: My work conditions are good
  Q3a11: Extent of agreement: More job opportunities can be created for veterinarians, where I work
  Q3a12: Extent of agreement: Most of my work is of a clinical nature
  Q3a13: Extent of agreement: I understand the impact of the so called Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) in my work
  Q3a14: Extent of agreement: The SAVC enables my professional status for me
  Q3a15: Extent of agreement: I have a passion for my work
  Q3a16: Extent of agreement: COVID-19 affected my working conditions negatively
  Q3a17: Extent of agreement: Where I work, customers come first
  Q3a18: Extent of agreement: Most of my work is of a clinical management nature
  q3a19 Extent of ageement: I need to be more pro-active during disease outbreaks
  Q3a20: Extent of agreement: My training as a veterinarian gave me the skills required for my work as a veterinarian
  Q3a21 Extent of agreement: More job opportunities can be created for para-veterinary professionals, where I work
  Q3bi: Thinking about your work, what are the posive things/issues of your work?
  Q3bii: Thinking about your work, what are the negative things/issues of your work?
  Q3c: At which entity/organisation do you presently work most of the time (single answer)?
  Animal Pharmaceutical/Health Company
  Animal Welfare Organisation
  Game reserves/farms
  Local government
  National government
  Private Practice/Veterinary Clinic/ Hospital
  Provincial government
  Research entity
  Stock farms
  Other entity
  If other please mention entity below
  Q3d: Please indicate whether the entity is a private or non-private entity?
  Q3e: Please provide your job tiltle
  Q4.1: Please indicate to what extent you agree with the following general statement: The need for veterinary services in general is growing
  Q4.2 Extent of agreement: There is political power play in our profession
  Q4.3: Extent of agreement: The low negative economic growth is affecting our profession negatively
  Q4.4: Extent of agreement: Our veterinary profession should focus more on upcoming and small-scale farmers
  Q4.5 Extent of agreement: Food safety and security is a driving force of our veterinary profession
  Q4.6: Extent of agreement: Most jobs in our profession are created by households with pets
  Q4.7: Extent of agreement: More focus is needed on future technical veterinary development (not referring to information technology)
  Q4.8: Extent of agreement: Veterinary professional services are price sensitive
  Q4.9: Extent of agreement: There is a good relationship between the private and non-private sectors in my profession
  Q4.10 Extent of agreement: Better alliance is needed with partnerships established between private and state veterinary services
  Q4.11: Extent of agreement: The outbreak of diseases is well managed in South Africa
  Q4.12: Extent of agreement: Government veterinary services are good
  Q4.13: Extent of agreement: A lot of jobs are created by the need for diagnostic laboratory testing for the para-veterinary profession/s
  Q4.14: Extent of agreement: More job opportunities can be created to serve the commercial farmers more effectively
  Q4.15: Extent of agreement: Veterinarians must only employ registered para-veterinary professionals and not lay persons for animal health care related functions
  Q4.16: Extent of agreement: Manufacturing and delivering of critical vaccines during relevant seasons need more attention
  Q4.17: Extent of agreement: Veterinarians cover South Africa sufficiently with their services
  Q4.18 : Extent of agreement: Wildlife/game needs more attention in the profession
  Q4.19: Extent of agreement: Stakeholders in my profession have a good understanding of public-private partnerships
  Q5: What do you think the veterinary profession should do to grow the industry and attract future students to the profession in South Africa?
  Q6: Which fields of training (for CPD and undergraduate training) need to be fast tracked/advanced expeditiously, for the next decade? More than one answer possible.
  Animal Ethics: Welfare and Wellbeing
  Anti-microbial resistance
  Environmental sciences
  Food production (production animals and game)
  Information technology: optimal use
  Laboratory services
  One Health Concept
  Primary Animal Health Care: Concepts
  Professional Ethics
  Veterinary technical equipment
  If other please specify

Please answer the following question if you are in private practice, if not, submit your responses then exit the survey:

One of the aims of this survey is to establish whether South Africa needs to train more veterinarians.   An option to be explored in order to accommodate an increase in veterinary student numbers, is to involve SAVC registered veterinary practices in the formal clinical training of final year veterinary students. Training will take place per semester, on a rotational- and case logbook basis.  Such training could fall under veterinary practice (corporate) social responsibility.

  Q7: Please indicate whether you will be willing to facilitate clinical training without payment/remuneration and in which fields. More than one answer applicable.
  No not willing
  Yes, willing in Companion animal practice
  Yes. willing in Equine practice
  Yes, willing in Mixed practice
  Yes, willing in Production animal practice
  Yes, willing in Wildlife practice

Thank you for your participation. Now please complete below (tick box), and then  submit.


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